Gold and Silver – Why Every Prepper Must Own It

So you think you are prepared? Or maybe you are in the process of prepping. You’ve thought about food, you’ve thought about water, you’ve thought about security, housing, medical supplies, communication… even transportation. How much attention have you given to currency? If you have already been prepping and working through your options in this area then bravo to you! Are you doing it right?

By currency, I refer to the ability to trade for goods in the even of an economic meltdown or a currency implosion. In short, how are you going to buy stuff?

The answer is easy… stockpile gold and silver as an important part of your prepping plan. There are many other benefits as well… such as preservation (or building) of wealth, currency fluctuation protection, and a hedge against inflation. Both silver and gold makes sense for everyone, but is particularly useful to preppers.

Once you are building your portfolio these precious metals, this is how it goes when in need… you use your bullion to make simple purchases for every day things.

Investing in gold and silver for preppers differs from the investing other people are doing for other purposes. There are two things that differentiate us as preppers that we need to address when buying for prepping…

Important Preppers Point 1: Ensuring we have verifiable bullion that can be used in a wide array of denominations for the varying costs of goods. When I say verifiable, I am referring to buying bullion that other people will recognize as real, and which they will be able to easily understand the value of. As an example, coins (not all of them though) are generally a good choice for this purpose, while gold nuggets or ingots are generally not a good choice. Both gold and silver should be part of your portfolio because gold can be used for larger purchases (and take up little storage space), while silver can be easily used for smaller purchases.

Important Preppers Point 2: Ensuring we have chosen, a smart, safe, and easy way to access and store our bullion. It should be obvious that all preppers must own physical gold and silver (which, by the way, I think every buyer should do), but it may not be as obvious to think about how and where to store it. Your storage options and choices can make all the difference of having access to your gold and silver when you need it.

The content of this article is important! To sum up its importance, just remember that we must have bullion that can be recognized by others as real and genuine, we need to have small enough denominations to purchase low-cost items (such as bread), as well has higher denominations to easily facilitate a larger transaction (for say, a horse). Lastly, we need to ensure we have a safe, easy to access place to store our gold and silver so that we can reach it in time of need.

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