My Great Aunt Left Me Some Bitcoin

It has been a very good year for me financially, which is going to sound strange to a lot of people given the terrible situation we find ourselves in due to the pandemic. At any rate it started out when my favorite great aunt died. At the time I never realized that she was such a savvy investor. Once I visited her and I had to borrow her smart phone. I was surprised to see that she had something called the bitcoin era app on her phone. It was a bit surprising, but I knew that she was not a dummy. I knew that she had money too, but hardly the sort of money it turned out to be. Of course it did not seem like I would stand to inherit anything significant, since I thought she had many more heirs than it turned to be. I knew that she had outlived some of her children, but I never knew a whole lot of them or their families.

It turned out that she had only one surviving child, whom she had no use for at all. He was from all I have heard a very unsavory character with a history of mistreating those silly enough to trust him, in fact he was a criminal of exactly that sort. There were about nine heirs in all and she did not leave all of them so much money. What she left me was in fact a very significant number of bitcoins, apparently without letting anyone else learn about them. The others got real estate, stocks and bonds which she had accumulated while living completely modestly. She had a lot of the sort of stocks that pay reliable dividends, but also she had invested in tech stocks and other investments which had increased at incredible rates over the time she owned them.

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